The Next Generation

Today, Nabeel stands proud to uphold the legacy of his father and grandfather. His undying dedication and motivation is evident in every last detail of the brand. His perseverance towards pursuing the best for the company has earned him and the next generation a solid, strong establishment for years to come. Nabeel Al Zain, together with Mohammed Hassan continues to instill the heart and soul of the company into his immediate family. His wife Samar Al Gosaibi, his two sons Mohammed and Faisal as well as his daughter Noora, all of whom form the management team at Al Zain, carry on the legacy that is Al Zain. Noora, who holds a BA in Graphic and Communication Design from the University of Leeds also has a specialist certificate in diamond grading and jewellery design. Mohammed, who is also a certified gemologist specialises in coloured stones and diamonds, graduated with a degree in Business Management. Faisal studied Graphic as well as Jewellery Design in Milan. As a team, part of their collective objective is to provide a level of knowledge and understanding to Al Zain’s customers and future generations. Through their practice, they aim to spread awareness and appreciation about the essence of their business and about the art of jewellery making. Working hand in hand, they continue to strive to keep the core of the brand alive, forever changing and adapting while keeping its story engrained in history but most importantly, always looking ahead towards a bright and beautiful future.



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